Managing Home and Work together post Marriage.

Being a woman, it’s our primary responsibility to manage home. We are destined to do cooking, cleaning, washing, etc. Then comes our secondary objective to earn money & work for our passion..
In Indian society, after marriage a girl has to take care of everyone. She is bounded by society norms to handle household responsibility. But if she manages things systematically she can focus on her passion too.

1) To know needs & wants of the family member . So that she can record them timely & use the rest of the time to create her own space.

2) To show other family members, how will they be benefited, if you work. Everyone needs benefit nowadays. So by encasing benefits to them, we can receive support.

3) Measures to be taken for not getting tired. If we want to do something for our passion, we must have more energy to complete other as well as our work too.

4) No expectations from others.
To expect from other family members that they would help us, if we are doing something for our passion. I won’t appreciate this statement. It hurts when people don’t support us. So, one shouldn’t expect anything from anyone.

5) Enjoy what you do. If you are managing responsibility of both home and career, you should do work which makes you happy. So that you won’t be overly stressed.


I had work with many organisations before as an employee. But I feel I understand relationships more. The relationship which in this competitive world, we forget sometimes. One should never forget to treasure Relationships. So, you can consider me as a Relationship Councellor.

5 thoughts on “Managing Home and Work together post Marriage.

  1. I do know the Indian culture even though I haven´t went to India. I do have a Indian girlfriend that came to Spain with her husband, she I knew, but her husband…… all that thing about arrange marriages, she talked to me like this guy was the devil, and when they finally came here to see me and my mother, my mother is the queen, the guy was Smart and a very nice guy, I actually was thinking to myself, how in the world did this guy put up with her? She is my girlfriend, girl-friend and I know her obviously I obviously know that could not live with this person, she is a nutcase, I say that in a friendly way, I love her as a friend, point being is that as she was talking about her husband I found him a very funny guy and very smart.

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    1. If there is spark between two people or you may say attraction, they can adjust with each other. In Indian culture the option of divorce or break up.. is the last expected option for us. For instance if we don’t like a behavior in our partner, no matter how much time it takes, we will change it. In Indian culture, a married couple is expected to be together till 7 re- births of life. So, one needs to be happy & have fun in marriage, irrespective of many obstacles in their way.

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