Keep Smiling..

In life there will come hundreds of situation, when things won’t be acting as per your wish. There will be times when you want something, you aren’t getting that. You keep doing things for others, but in return you are not acknowledged.

Don’t worry, life has store something else for you.
Things change, people change, you just need to be calm and watch the situation as a movie.

Getting into depression or shouting is not the solution. By doing those things no one else will get hurt except you.

The only solution is finding alternatives. Find alternatives in such a way that you would be happy and the other person too.

There is solution to every problem. One just needs to broaden its vision, to find other perspectives. While doing those things always smile.

Smiling help to reduce stress, makes mentally recharged to face every situation.


I had work with many organisations before as an employee. But I feel I understand relationships more. The relationship which in this competitive world, we forget sometimes. One should never forget to treasure Relationships. So, you can consider me as a Relationship Councellor.

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