Being in Control…

1) Stop using harsh words.

2) There is a traffic jam within our minds. And that traffic jam is stopping each one of us from reaching our true potential.

3)Our silent presence can be more powerful than a million empty words. We all have two ears and one mouth; the amount we listen and the amount we speak should be done proportionately.

4) It’s not the happy people who are grateful; it’s the grateful people who are happy.

5) Your behavior and state of mind shows, what kind of environment you want to live in or you are attracting.

6) Sometimes it happens we want to change someone, because we want that person to behave in a certain way. But  just remember one thing you are attracting what you are and no one can be special like you. So never expect someone to change.


I had work with many organisations before as an employee. But I feel I understand relationships more. The relationship which in this competitive world, we forget sometimes. One should never forget to treasure Relationships. So, you can consider me as a Relationship Councellor.

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