#1 Some instances

Sometimes it happens, our colleagues or our family members doesn’t work the way we planned. They behave unusually. In return, our work gets affected or delayed.

We get angry, but we cannot say or shout on them. At that time we need to control our minds. Think positive like, “I have the capacity to handle everything”. Say it and believe it, continuously unless and until your anger fades away.

Later on you can see the miracle. Not only you can complete the work easily but later also the person realizes his or her fault. Neither the energy gets wasted nor there is any argument.

After certain age we need to avoid some things. So as to focus our energies on productive things.


I had work with many organisations before as an employee. But I feel I understand relationships more. The relationship which in this competitive world, we forget sometimes. One should never forget to treasure Relationships. So, you can consider me as a Relationship Councellor.

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