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How to handle Mountain of Responsibilities after Marriage in Indian Society ?

The period of being spinster is very different from married period. When we are single, there is no responsibility of family apart from our personal responsibility. For example, career, appearance, competition among friends.. But we get married things change, we don’t have to manage ourselves but each and every person of our new family. So suddenly we have tremendous pressure on ourselves.

Some steps to manage responsibilities especially in joint family.:-
1) Understand rules and regulations of your new home.
When we used to live in our parents house there were certain rules and regulations we have to follow. We used to follow it. I just want my Queens to understand when you can follow the rules at your parents house, then definitely you can follow them at your husband’s house too. Just leave your before thought process in your previous home. Start afresh life, & make your mind accept the new set of rules.

2) Try to understand each and every member in your in-laws. house.
My mom always used to say me, after getting married you have to love the family members as well as every thing of your husband house. So understand them, their likes and dislikes, their requirements, everything. I can guarantee you, if you take the initiative, there will be one day when they would be more concerned than you for your requirements, choices,etc.

3) Adjustment of everyone
Being an outsider to the house, affects you as well as other members of the family. It’s not we who make the adjustments but others too. So everyone should be cooperative.

4) Smiling face always
A person with a smiling face is welcomed by all. A joyous person spreads happiness everywhere. No matter how much angry is someone, forgets negative things.

5) Do not discuss everything with husband, personal relations will be affected. Be practical and analyse situation, you have manage your parents before, so you can manage your in laws too. Time and care is the key to happiness between relationships.

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