Love …

Someone asked me define love. Is it expressed when your lover gifts you bouquet of flowers or takes you on a date?

Does it happen when the person takes you to high profile parties or shopping for luxurious gift ?

Shyly, I replied i wish love could have happened these ways. But it’s simply not. Love happens when:

  • Without giving explanation, the one understands your requirement.
  • The one who doesn’t have time to talk to you, but he takes out time from his busy schedule to give you reminder of having medicines.
  • It is love when you had shown your bad face by speaking shit. But after the fight when your talking pace slows down. The person comes around & wraps you in his arms. He finally gives a verdict “Come I will make you sleep”.
  • It is love when the person picks your grocery bag, after a hectic’s day work in office.
  • Sometimes when the people are against you. A person is there who is mum, but he is with you by holding your hand silently.
  • Someone who changes his dressing style just to seek girlfriends attention.
  • The person in my mind, is my supportive husband.

It’s easy to fall in love, but it’s very difficult to manage it, to keep it fresh. The efforts come from both side..


Life being a spinster…

Life is wonderful when we are not backed up with responsibilities.. We can do anything,Go anywhere, .. Sleeping late night, waking up late hours, unproductive work, etc. There goes a series of things which actually makes us happy. Its all about us. Our world is surrounded around our parents, our friends, our siblings.

What’s the best part you remember being a bachelor or spinster? Something you are proud about yourself.